My Story: Veronica F.

We are just working people and this helps us out at the end of the year. We are very grateful for the tax credits.

– Veronica F., Wittmann AZ

Veronica is a mother of two and dreams of completing a formal education in the United States. She was born in the United States and speaks English as a second language because she spent her childhood in Mexico with her grandmother.

Currently, she is a stay at home mother exploring what she would like to study in school. One of her biggest challenges to pursuing an education is writing in the English language and when asked about writing in English she said, “I think about it as a puzzle. You need to put the puzzle in the right shape.”

Enrolling in the health insurance marketplace was another challenge for Veronica up until she learned about the opportunities available to her because of the Affordable Care Act. She explained, “The reason we never had insurance is because my husband is self-employed. His company considered him a private contractor rather than an employee and did not provide our family with health insurance.”

Veronica was adamant to let us know that she was very grateful for all the help that her enrollment assistor, Elisabeth, gave her throughout the process and also had this to say about her health insurance coverage:

“Obamacare is more flexible moneywise. I tried to search before for health insurance but it was much too expensive. Now with Obamacare what I see is more options. Another good part is that at the end of the year we see healthcare payments deducted from our taxes. We are not millionaires, we are just working people and this helps us out at the end of the year. We are very grateful for the health insurance tax credits.”

As we closed our discussion we asked Veronica what she would tell a friend who was considering enrolling in the healthcare insurance marketplace. She said, “I would tell them that they need to look at it. If you look it up there are many options and it can be worth it if you get sick.”