Health Plan Information has posted a table of all available insurance plans and example premiums for individuals, couples, families and children. Dental plan information is available in a similar table. Links to the tables:

Click the magnifying glass under the “Socrata” header and serch for “AZ” to limit the table to available Arizona data. also provides a user-friendly query of health and dental plan information found here: Additional Views of Health Plan and Dental Plan Premiums on the Marketplace

The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association has also organized a spreadsheet of Arizona-only plans that can be found by clicking  here.

They also have provided a list by county that can be found by clicking  here.

Here is health plan information for Northern Arizona (courtesy of North Country), including premiums for various plans:

Here is health plan information for Maricopa County (courtesy of Adelante):

Here are the links to each of the formularies for health plans offered on the Marketplace:

 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

 Aetna Life Insurance Company

 Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

 Meritus Health Partners and Meritus Cooperative Health Partners

 Health Choice Insurance Company

 HealthNet Life Insurance Company and HealthNet of Arizona, Inc.

 Humana Health Plan of Arizona

 University of Arizona Health Plans

Health Plan Provider Networks

Here are links (courtesy of the Arizona Department of Insurance) to networks/providers for each health plan: Provider Directory