My Story: Elizabeth S.

I’m saving $163 a month. I’m not only getting a lot better value, but I’m getting it for a lot less money. It is worth it. You will get good care plus save money at the same time.

– Elizabeth S., Surprise AZ

Elizabeth is a 63 year old woman who has worked as a radio station producer, a standup comedian, and a healthcare administrator. She is the mother of one son and grandmother of one grandson. Her travels have taken her all throughout the country and she has lived in South Dakota, New Orleans, Tennessee, and currently resides in Arizona.

For 44 years she has been married to the same man and has accompanied him to countless doctor’s appointments to address health challenges. Elizabeth has diabetes but has not been covered by her husband’s health insurance in a long time. After her husband was laid off at his company she was forced to purchase an individual plan and was discouraged by rising costs. She said, “they kept taking everything away from my individual plans. I basically just had catastrophic care, a worthless policy.”

Currently, Elizabeth’s husband goes to the VA for his healthcare, where he is covered full time and Elizabeth found a health insurance policy to meet her needs. She says “this policy change has been really good for me because I had to go off and get my individual policy. Last year I got on and got a really good policy. I was skeptical at first because I have gone 5 years without coverage. So far I have used it several times and I am just tickled pink with my new policy.”

Also, Elizabeth commented on the people ready and waiting to assist her in the enrollment process. She said, “everyone was patient, helpful, and knowledgeable. I was very impressed by their professionalism. They were helpful and incredibly patient.”

When we asked Elizabeth what advice she would give to people searching for health insurance coverage she would tell them “Don’t give up. It’s worth it. I’m saving $136 a month. I’m not only getting a lot better value. But I’m getting it for a lot less money. It is worth it.”

Elizabeth was excited to share that between her and her husband they have been quite pleased with the VA healthcare and insurance plan coverage. Their healthcare coverage keeps them well and able to share her love of music with her husband. She informed us that “we still got to a log of music festivals, mostly blues. From festivals in Main, to Colorado, to Tennessee, to Florida, and to South Dakota. We are both big music fans.”