What is Health Insurance? Why Do I Need It?

Health insurance helps you pay for medical costs. It gives you financial security and peace of mind. Health insurance is an agreement with an insurance company to pay some or all of the costs for your health care in exchange for a fee (premium) that you pay regularly (usually monthly, like a cell phone or […]

What Kind of Low or No-Cost Coverage is Available in Arizona?

There are new options for Arizonans to find low or no-cost health insurance they can afford. More Arizonans than ever before can apply for AHCCCS (pronounced “access”), Arizona’s Medicaid program. AHCCCS health insurance is similar to health insurance offered by employers. It helps pay for doctor visits, hospital costs, and prescription drugs for you and […]

Health Insurance Words to Know

The world of health insurance is full of words that may not be familiar to you. The Cover Arizona Coalition offer you a video to help with that. Take a few minutes to get to know nine common insurance terms and what they really mean. Watch: Health Insurance Words to Know (YouTube) Be sure to […]

The Affordable Care Act’s Arizona Impact: May 2015

We’ve come a long way together. 474,057 Arizonans now have health coverage, thanks to coalition members’ efforts helping with both the Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicaid restoration/expansion. That’s nearly seven times the population of Flagstaff! Get a look at the numbers via our infographic: click to download.

Choosing a Plan That’s Right For You

The Health Insurance Marketplace at healthcare.gov offers many different health plans.  Picking the one that is right for you is important. It can save you money, and help you get health care that fits your needs. Here are some important things for you to think about when choosing a health insurance plan. Question #1: How much […]